BCS Tennis Membership System


A good Membership System can assist tennis clubs and associations to grow their player participation whilst simplifying many administrative tasks. Typical benefits include:

  • Improving the accuracy of your membership information by providing players with the ability to self-manage their profiles
  • Enabling targeted marketing and proactive recruitment of players for competitions and offerings
  • Simplifying the task of communicating with players
  • Provide access to member data at any time, independent of club/association staffing schedules.

The BCS Membership system is a light-weight and low-cost membership management system that targets the needs of the small to medium sized tennis club. The system provides tennis clubs and associations with a tool to capture and preserve information about their members, their participation in various competitions/offerings and facilitate easy communication with their player community.

The system has been designed to supplement the Tennis Australia supplied MyTennismembership system functionality, particularly through the capturing of information about player participation in competitions and offerings. It can also be used independently of MyTennis (The Tennis Australia sponsored “MyTennis” membership system is a “free of charge” membership application designed to assist Tennis centres to manage their memberships).

The BCS On-line Membership system possesses the following features:

  • Is an affordable, hosted solution that simplifies maintenance and support
  • Has a simple and easy to use interface requiring no particular skills to operate
  • Provides a convenient tool for communicating with the club’s players. Email messages and attachments can be directed to selected players, based upon the type of membership and/or the club offerings they participate in.
  • Provides a common repository for current and historic membership information enabling multiple sources of member information to be consolidated into a single database
  • Provides a secure, on-line facility that can be remotely accessed 7x24.
  • Provides a comprehensive set of management reports
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with MyTennis and to leverage the many facilities offered by this important system
    • The database is design is compatible with the SQL Database used by MyTennis
    • Provides a local facility for member data management
    • Tracks historic member contact details